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Fishing Report

Thanks to everyone that constantly read my reports, it makes the effort worthwhile. Sometimes I cannot get a complete report due to the increased business the resort has had in the last couple years. I thought it was a secret, but I guess I was wrong. Continued conflicts of anglers on the shore and in the water seems to be a problem and something I will work on for 2020. Thank you again for your continued interest and business. Wishing everyone a wonderful winter, and a Happy Thanksgiving, wonderful Christmas and a blessed 2020. Stay healthy and happy and see you in May 2020.

Carolyn and John, Virginia Lakes Resort

September 26 - October 5th, 2019  -  Virginia Lakes Resort Fish Report

Weather: -   (7am Temp  Sunrise/Sunset)  
Sunday 22º 6:56/6:33 21 degrees at 6:40am, light wind with 2 inches of snow on the ground. Wind was so strong it flipped one boat into the sign at the west end of the parking lot. Windy all day with some calming with clouds moving through with a few snow flakes.
Monday 21º 6:57/6:32 Windy from 6am until 6pm, but it's at 29 degrees at 6:30pm.
Tuesday 14º 6:58/6:30 That's cold, it's also very foggy and it looks like the movie "The Fog" and it lifted around 9:30am. It's now 38 degrees and very clear and beautiful.
Wednesday 21º 6:59/6:29

Clear and cold but warming up fast. Lake had a riffle breeze for about 4 hours and then it got flat. 2 nice fish over 3 pounds were caught.

Thursday 37º 7:00/6:27 Clear good ripple breeze; wind picked up around 11:30am and continued through.


7:01/6:26 Wind is howling at 6am then finally stopped by 4pm. and fish were on the take.
Saturday 39º 7:02/6:24

Clear calm and magnificent, good breeze and fishing was great.

The stock truck arrived Friday and it stirred up all the locals and fishing opened up.

If you have fished any of the Eastern Sierra roadside waters this summer and was disappointed with the fishing, I would suggest you contact the Department of Fish and Wildlife and bombard the head office in Sacramento. They will listen to the anglers that purchase fishing licenses not the businesses that benefit from the stocking.

Go to : CA Department of Fish and wildlife's web-site below. then click on "contact us" then go to middle column "A General Concern / Comment" by calling (916) 445-0411 or click the "emailing" and fill out the contact form (

BAIT: Crawlers as always, powerbait garlic natural, garlic glitter rainbow, chartreuse, and salmon eggs.

LURES: Gold Kastmaster, gold Kastmaster, gold Kastmaster, and red/gold Buoyants, and anything you wish to donate to the lake!

FLY AND BUBBLE:  .Mosquitoes, grey hackle yellow's, Adams para all in size 14 and a few other standard dries.

FLY RODS: Small midges similar to Optimidge, olive and black woolly buggers with copious flash in body and a bit in the tail.

BACKCOUNTRY: Only my report from Red lake (short old fiberglass fly rod with a small hopper and black ant (was a ton of fun), Blue lake and Cooney small dries, small lures, and lots crawlers mostly caught catch and release from all those who fished up there.

NOTE: If the trout bleeds don’t throw it back into the lake, it will die and IT ATTRACKS BEARS. If you care about the resource please be careful when releasing fish back into the water.


Trophy Trout for the week (*pix attached)
Little Virginia/LV, Big Virginia/BV, Trumbull/T*

Robyn Takeshita Laguna Niguel 4lb1 tag 837  crawler  Oct 1 Little Virginia*
Greg Long, Smith NV 3lb3 on an optimidge  Oct 2 Little Virginia*
Stacy Stroud age 12 Chino 5lb6 tag 900 orange powerworm10 3 Little Virginia*
Kevin Toya Thousand Oaks 5lb4 tag 903 mini-jig  10 3 Little Virginia*
Jay Pennick Van Nuys 4lb7 crawler Oct 4 Little Virginia*
Marisha Scott Thousand Oaks 5lb3 powerworm Oct 5  Little Virginia*
Marisha Scott Thousand Oaks 3lb8 rainbow powerbait Oct 5 Little Virginia*


Stacy Stroud
Stacy Stroud age 12 Chino 5lb6 tag 900 orange powerworm10 3 LV

Marsha Scott
Marisha Scott Thousand Oaks 5lb3 powerworm Oct 5   LV

Kevin Toya
Kevin Toya Thousand Oaks 5lb4 tag 903 mini-jig   10 3 LV

Jay Pennick
Jay Pennick Van Nuys 4lb7 crawler Oct 4 Little Virginia

Greg Long
Greg Long, Smith NV 3lb3 on an optimidge   Oct 2 LV

Robert Poelvoorde
Robert Poelvoorde Murietta salmon peach powerbait 9 25 4lb tag 933 LV

Ed Lau
Ed Lau Cerritos 5lb4 micetail 9 21 Little Virginia

Albert Soliguen
Albert Soliguen Fullerton 3lb9 tag 979 Yellow powerbait 9 21 Trumble Lake

Steve Franke
Steve Franke Lincoln NB 4llb5 crawlers 9 20 Little Virginia

Rick Villaluz
Rick Villaluz San Diego 3lb6 tag 950  4lb6 tag 925
Kastmaster and Buoyant 9 20 LV

Jim Shigenaka
Jim Shigenaka Walnut 3lb1 Tag 751 micetail 9 19 Little Virginia

Paul Cunningham
Paul Cunningham Riverside  4lb10  tag 813  cricket  Little Virginia

Dean Yahn
Dean Yuan Cupertino 4lb4   3lb4 Olive fly  9 8  Little Virginia

Carol Riddlespurger
Carol Riddlespurger Tustin  3lb5  black fly  tag 807  9 12  Little Virginia

James Hope
James Hope Santa Cruz 5lb15oz Mepps Blk Fury Little V

Eric Okada
Eric Okada Torrance 4lb7 Buoyant 9 5 Big Virginia

Kimberly Kelemen
Kimberly Kelemen Orange 4lb2  9 1 Big V

Shannon Volkov
Shannon Volkov Chino Hills 3lb8 micetail 9 1 Big V

Stan Tanaka
Stan Tanaka Ventura 4lb4 fly 9 1 Little Virginia

Steve Yakura
Steve Yakura Mesa AZ 5lb1 tag 830 micetail 8 31 Little Virginia

Mike Guerrero
Mike Guerrero Fontana 3lb9 woolly bugger 8 31 Little Virginia

Glenn Solomon
Glenn Solomon Glendale 3lb7 powerbait 8 25 Little Virginia

Bob Hurst
Bob Hurst Minefee 4lb1 tag 867 lure 8 25 Little Virginia

Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez Corona 4lb7 Sniper bait 8 30 Little Virginia

Rich Murphy
Rich Murphy La Habra 5lb9 tag 275  2lb15 tag 870Lure 8 17 Little V

Tony Mann
Tony Mann age 7 Long Beach 4lb10 powerbait 8 24 Little Virginia

Scott Duff
Duff Fullerton 5lb 4lb2 tag 844 Orange power worm 8 22 LV

Roy Matig
Roy Mutig LA 4lb bait 8 19 Little Virginia

Scott Duff
Scott Duff Fullerton 4lb5 4lb7 salmon eggs 8 19 Little Virginia

Lenny Smith
Lenny Smith Gardnerville NV 5lb04 tag 742 Super Duper 8 20

Kirk Larsen
Kirk Larsen Oakhurst 4lb7 Gulp worms 8 12 Little Virginia

Jason Pinegar
Jason Pinegar Elk Grove 5lb3 tag 735 salmon egg 8 17 Little Virginia

Ian Collins
Ian Collins Huntington Beach 3lb15 micetail 8 21 Little Virginia

Greyson Ayala
Greyson Ayala age 9 Redlands 8oz FIRST FISH 8 20 Trumbull Lake

Dawn Burkett
Dawn Burkett Long Beach 3lb12 tag 765 Lure 8 18 Little Virginia

Austin Brown
Austin Brown Riverside 4lb4 tag 763 4lb1 tag 774 mini jig 8 24 LV

Alex Verales
Alex Verales Huntington Bch 6lb5 on a fly tag 723 8 16 Little Virginia

Nathan Simonette
Nathan Simonette Houston TX 5lb1 buoyant 8 14Little Virginia

Tom Hance
Tom Hance Santa Barbara 4lb9 crawler 8 15 Little Virginia

Stephanie Mora
Stephanie Mora Anaheim Hills 2lb powerbait 8 16 Little V
Trevor Mora 10 yrs old caught his FIRST FISH 8" Brookie Little V

Ron Salinas
Ron Salinas Diamond Bar 3lb14 tag 825 8 14 Little Virginia

Rene Gonzales
Rene Gonzales Temecula 4lb tag 783 5lb tag 805 Buoyant 8 14 LV

Pat Morris
Pat Morris 3lb15 tag 836 rainbow garlic 8 14 Little Virginia

Kai Ishiisaka
Kai Ishisaka of LA 3lb6 on a jig  tag 7528 11 Little Virginia

Gabe Serrano
Gabe Serrano Orange 4lb tag 782 Buoyant 8 14 tag 782 Little Virginia

Cindy Placentia
Cindy Placentia 3lb14 trophy rainbow powerbait 8 16 Little Virginia*


Barbara Stevens
Barbara Stevens Daly City 3lb8 green nymph 8 16 Big Virginia*

Nolan Livesey
Nolan Livesey Camarillo 4lb9 #16 CA Mosquito 8 10 Little V

Scott Burg
Scott Burg age 10 Ojai 4lb3 on a fly 8 6 Little Virginia

Mark Willarson
Mark Willardson Encino 3lb5  grey midge 8 4 Little Virginia

Louie Lopez
Louie Lopez Ventura 4lb1 crawler 8 4 Little V

Louie Lopez
Louie Lopez Ventura 3lb5 crawler 8 5 Little Virginia

Junior Lopez
Junior Lopez age 12 Ventura 4lb10oz micetail 805 Little Virginia

Junior Lopez
Junior Lopez Ventura 2lb14 micetail 8 5 Little Virginia

Junior Lopez
Junior Lopez age 12 Ventura 4lb10oz micetail 805 Little Virginia

Jose Guiterrez
Jose Gutierrez La Crescenta 3lb14 crawler 8 4 Little V

Jordan Guiterrez
Jordan Gutierrez La Crescenta 3lb10oz crawler 8 5 Little Virginia

Fred Compton
Fred Compton Yucca Valley 3lb4  3lb7 pinched crawler 88 5 Little Virginia

Eric Schaller
Eric Schallert Northridge 3lb12 powerbait/salmon eggs 8 5 LV

Emilly Weitzman
Emily Weitzman Huntington Beach 4lb7 8 5 Big Virginia

David Luff
David Luff Ventura 2lb1 powerbait 8 8 Big V

Cory Takashita
Cory Takashita Orange 4lb3 jig 8 8 Little V

Cindy Lestrange
Cindy Lestrange Yucca Valley 3lb9 pinched crawlers 8 5 Big Virginia

Chris Gubler
Chris Gubler Landers 4lb2 crawler 8 5 Little Virginia

Chris Gubler
Chris Gubler Landers 4lb on crawler 8 4 Big Virginia

Andy Cacciatori
Andy Cacciatori Modesto Buoyant 4lb7 8 4 Little Virginia

Sophia Torres
Sophia Torres age 8 Long Beach micetail 5lb3 8 1 LV

Paul Ginacalone
Paul Giancalone Thousand Oaks 3lb9 and 3lb5 Dirty Doc 8 1 Big Virginia

Landon Teagan
Landon Teagan age 4 Upland Trophy 2lb9 salmon eggs 7 29 Little Virginia

Ka Dave
Ka Dave San Jose 3lb2 jig 8 1 LV

Jess Tango
Jess Tango Lancaster 3lb6 Buoyant 7 29 Big Virginia

Jerry Giancalone
Jerry Giancalone Thousand Oaks 3lb6 powerworm 8 1 LV

Jacob Frisbee
Jacob Frisbee Costa Mesa 5lb3 Micetail Zayne Beck Bishop Buoyant 3lb3 8 3 Little V

Garrett Grigg
Garret Grigg Yucaipa 3.9 rooster tail Big

Derik Easttmon
Derik Easttmon Tehachapi 3lb2 4lb8 jigs 8 3 Big V

Brian O'keefe
Brian O'keefe Laverne 3.7 power bait 7 28 Little Virginia

Brian Cox
Brian Cox Davis 3lb14 Buoyant 8 3 LV

Bill Platt
Bill Platt Verdi NV 3lb6 Buoyant 8 2 Big V

Shannon Carter
Shannon Carter Union City 4lb7 micetail 7 24 Big Virginia

Riley Cotton
Riley cotton Nevada City 3lb9 worm 7 27 Little Virginia

Todd Pollock
Todd Pollock Trabuco Cyn 3lb7 black woolly bugger 7 26 LV

Ricky Sambou
Ricky Sambou TNT Huntington Bch 5lb3 sniper bait 7 27 Little Virginia*

Rick Drake
Rick Drake Pasadena 4lb2 white woolly bugger 7 24 LV

Phyllis Ishisaka
Phyllis Ishisaka Monterey Park 3.4 BFEF 563 poweregg 7 27 Big Virginia*

Grayson Hearn
Greyson Hearn age 8 Quartz Hill 3lb5 BFEF 641 garlic powerbait 7 23 Big V

Gregory Verbeck
Gregory Verbeck Monterey Park 4lb2 mini jib 7 26 LV

Dylan Durston
Dylan Durston age 4 Rancho Cucamonga 4lb micetail 724 LV

Erwin Goldbloom
Erwin Goldbloom Camarillo 4lb2 Hale Bop leech 7 19 LV

Chuck Komronsky
Chuck Komronsky Corona 4lb1 Chernobyl Ant 7 20 LV

David Rameriz
David Ramirez Rancho Cucamonga 3lb8 gold Kastmaster 7 17 LV

Edwin Feinberg
Edwin Feinberg La Jolla 3lb9 powerbait 7 14 Little Virginia

Gerry Shimasaki
Gerry Shimasaki Torrance 3lb7 BFEF 371 powerworm 7 19 LV

Jeremy Ryder
Jeremy Ryder Bakersfield 3lb9 pinched crawler 7 18 LV

Rick Drake
Rick Drake Pasadena 3lb9 Trophy black woolly Bugger 7 19 LV

Roger Carpenter
Roger Carpenter Fresno 4lb micetail 4 19 Big V

Sandy & Jo Sanborn
Sandy Sanborn Reno Trophy 3lb6 worm 7 19 LV
Jo Sanborn Reno 3lb4 garlic worm 7 19 LV

Abel Pedroza
Abel Pedroza Grand Terrace 3lb1 powerbait 7-8 Big Virginia

Bob Olsen
Bob Olsen San Jose 3lb8 trophy 7 12 Little Virginia

Brian York
Brian York Simi Valley 3lb5 micetail 7 11 Big Virginia

Bud Crook
Bud Crook Placerville 4lb3 FLY (2lb leader) 7-11 Little Virginia

Carson Love
Carson Love Carson City 2lb7 BFEF 435 Lure 7 13 Little Virginia*

Dan O'Toole
Dan O'Toole Woodland 3lb1 crawler 7 13 Little Virginia

Darin Bankhead
Darin Bankhead El Cajon 4lb2 crawler 7-5 Little Virginia

David Cairns
David Cairns Scotland 4lb3 powerbait 7 8 Little Virginia

Dean Wake
Dean Wake Porter Ranch 4lb5 (BFEF 689) micetail 7 12 Little Virginia

Dennis Caputo
Dennis Caputo Berkeley 3lb7 7 12 Little Virginia

DJ Bradbury
DJ Bradbury riverside 4lb4 crankbait 7 11 Little Virginia

Emma Adams
Emma Adams age 8 Huntington Bch 3lb8 BFEF 414 powerbait 7 6 LV

Jeff Finch
Jeff Finch Bakersfield 4lb3 worm 7 13 Big Virginia

Jeri Vallincourt
Jeri Vailincourt Aliso Viejo 3lb3 tag 466 Black Woolly Bugger 7 10 Little Virginia
Bettye Swart Aliso Viejo 3lb Tenkara fly 7 10 Little Virginia

Jim Hammons
Jim Hammons Fountain Valley 3lb worm/powerbait 7-8 LV

Josh Davis
Josh Davis cypress 4lb2 BFEF 660 garlic crawler 7 12 Little Virginia

Kenny & Craig Sunada
Kenny & Craig Sunada Chino Hills 2.9 worms 3lb6 powerworm 7 11 Little Virginia

Kirk Larsen
Kirk Larsen Oakhurst 3lb6 Buoyant 7 8 Little Virginia

Larry Casteed
Larry Casteel Piercy 3lb6 Buoyant 7 11 Little Virginia*

Mani Albrecht
Mani Albrecht Imperial Beach 3.9 BFEF tag 596 Woolly Bugger 7 8 Little Virginia

Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony Rancho Cucamonga 4lb3 powerbait 7 13 Big V

Randall Kutscher
Randall Kutscher Stanton lure 7 10 Little Virginia

Ron Perrine
Ron Perrine Nashville 3lb trophy Buoyant 7 8 Big Virginia

Sal Valle
Sal Valley Culver City 4lb (BFEF 401) worm 7 12 Little Virginia

Scott Suga
Scott Sugaa Marina Del Rey 3lb8 BFEF 496 power worm 7 6 Little Virginia

Steve Almaraz
Steve Almaraz Grand Terrace 3lb5 powerbait 7 8 Big Virginia

Steve Behn
Steve Behn Beaumont 2lb7 BFEF 447 Buoyant 7-12 Little Virginia

TNT Blue
Travis Blue Eyes TNT Huntington Bch Sniper Bait 3lb1  3lb4 7 13 LV

TNT Group
Rick Sombounkhane TNT Huntington Beach Sniper Bait 3lb1, 3lb4 Little Virginia

Travis EB
Travis Evil Brow TNT Huntington Bch sniper bait 3lb3  3lb1 7 13 LV

Yuji Sueyoshi
Yuji Sueyoshi Banning 4lb12  3lb5 BFEF tag 421 crawler 7 8 Little Virginia

Ethan Bankheade
Ethan Bankheade El Cajon, 4lb8 micetail 7-1 LV*

Mark Lopresti
Mark Lopresti Parker AZ 4lb5 tag (667) Lure 75 Big Virginia

Tim Campbell
Tim Campbell Gilbert AZ 4lb1 Buoyant Little Virginia

Sydney Tankaka
Sydney Tanaka Torrance 4lb1 (383) BFEF micetail 7-1 Little

Steve Polchow
Steve Polchow Pasadena, 4lb Trophy on a Zug Bug, Little Virginia

Steve Miller
Steve Miller Bishop 3lb3 (396) BFEF worm 6 30 Little Virginia

Rocco Firrin
Rocco Firrin Tehachapi 4lb2 Rooster Tail 7-4 Little Virginia

Kayden Cornelius
Kayden Cornelius of Covina 4lb4 micetail 7-3 Little Virginia

Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams Rialto 4lb3 Mini Jig 7-4 Little Virginia

Jacob Torres
Jacob Torres West Covina 2lb9 (454) blown crawler 6 30 Little Virginia

Byron Yung
Byron Yung Upland 3lb8 (633) Lure, 7-3 LV

Savannah Ettelt
Savannah Ettelt age 12 Rancho Santa Margarita 3lb6 powerbait 7 5 Big Virginia

Adi Nishimoto
Adi Nishimoto of Chapel Hill NC, 3lb3 (403) powerbait, 6.23 Little Virginia

Skylar Liebrecht
Skylar Liebrecht Long Beach 4lb4 BFEF, Rooster Tail 6-28, Little Virginia

Shalishe Miles
Shalishe Miles Eureka, 2lb6 micetail (453 BFEF), 6-29 Little Virginia

Sandy Williamson
Sandy Williamson of Dayton NV 3lb4 (#399) BFEF, micetail 6-29 Little Virginia

Ron & Kelly Liebrecht
Ron Liebrecht Long Beach 3lb6 powerbait, 6-29, Little Virginia
Kelly Liebrecht Long Beach 3lb3 roostertail (456) BFEF, Little Virginia

Alan Beauvias
Alan Beauvias of Whittier, 4lb1, 3lb4 micetail BFEF, 6.24 Little Virginia

Kirk Larsen
Kirk Larsen Oakhurst, 3lb8 powerbait, 6-29, Little Virginia

Kai Ishisaka
Kai Ishisaka Monterey Park, 3lb6 (#416), 3lb3 (#408), 3lb4, Lure 6-29, Little Virginia
Anthony Hernandez, Corona, 4lb (#406), 3lb4 Jigs, 6-29, Little Virginia

Jenny Williamson
Jenny Williamson of Dayton NV, 2.b8 (430) micetail, 6.24 Little Virginia*

Gage Husky
Gage Husky Bakersfield, 4lb3, 4lb (#490) 6-27, Little Virginia

Gage Huskey
Gage Husky Bakersfield 3lb6 Lure, 6-28 Little Virginia

Cole Liebrecht
Cole Liebrecht age 13, Long Beach, 2lb6 powerbait, 6-26, Little Virginia

Cole Crook
Cold Crook Placerville, 3lb8 crawler 6-27, Little Virginia

Angue Orazco
Angue Orazco Bakersfield, 3lb3 (#098) BFEF Jig, 6-27, Little Virginia

Erik Dale & AJ Cooper
Erik Dale and AJ Cooper, Suisun City-Oakland, 2lb4 (446), 3lb5 (394)
on jigs Little Virginia, 6-21

Todd Holy
Todd Hoy, Chino 3lb5, crawler, Little Virginia (no tag) 6-21

Chris Joslyn
Chris Joslyn of Rio Grande, 2018 BFEF trophy 5lb 3oz on a worm Little Virginia, 6-13-19

Sherwood Petersen
Sherwood Petersen, Lake Forest, BFEF (no tag) 4lb 1oz, Buoyant, 6-14-19, Little Virginia

Nick & Michael Golgar
Nick Golgart, Laguna Bch, 3lb4 BFEF(495), 3lb (455) on jigs, 6.15.19 LV
Michael Golgart, Costa Mesa 3lb4, (443) BFEF 6.15.19, LV

Kieth Lam
Kieth Lam age 14, Stockton, BFEF (no tag), 3lb10 Kastmaster, 6-14-19, Little Virginia

Dick Ginese
Dick Ginese, West Hills, BFEF (no tag), 2lb 6oz rainbow
glitter powerbait, 6-14-19 Little Virginia

Dennis & Jeff Paggi
Jeff Paggi of Three Rivers BFEF, 2lb6 (362), 3lb (459), 2lb4 (407)
on lures 6-14-19 on Little Virginia
Dennis Paggi of Northridge, BFEF 463 3lb 8oz Lure, 6-14-19, Little Virginia

David Castanega
David Castanega, Azusa, 3lb4 on a crawler, 6-15-19 Little Virginia

Scott Holland
Scott Holland, San Dimas, 3lb4 Trophy, Kastmaster, 6.13.19, LV


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