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Fishing Report


August 5-11, 2018 Virginia Lakes Resort Fish Report

Weather: -   (7am Temp  Sunrise/Sunset)  
Sunday 48º 6:02/8:03 Clear early, cooler, light breeze smoke by 12:30pm, fire at Dardanelle with ash in Walker
Monday 41º 6:03/8:02

Light haze, cooler

Tuesday 46º 6:03/8:01 Light haze, warming up
Wednesday 48º 6:04/8:00

Clear with haze starting around 1:30pm

Thursday 48º 6:05/7:58

Smoky early, and thinning but hazy

 Friday 59º 6:06/7:57

Clouds-looks like rain-very warm-totally clouded over with wind gusts a light rain then sun

Saturday 51º 6:07/7:56 Fairly blue sky this morning-high clouds moving overhead-Partial solar eclipse due today around the Arctic circle for about 3 hours. Thunder at 3:30pm and it lasted for about 2 hours. Rained between 395 and the akes

Starting temperature was warmer AGAIN this week and we had a few days of haze with some clearing. Bring mosquito repellent, they're still here. Also, there have been reports from June Lake that fishing is slow up here, yes it has been slow for about 4 days due to the added fishing pressure from the smoke at lower elevations lakes driving the anglers up here to get to clearer air. These waters have a hard time dealing with that type of pressure when they are only stocked with so many pounds of trout.

The stock truck arrived Tuesday and stocked Big Virginia and Trumbull and stocked Little Virginia on Friday with some great size trout.

Now for a little "star" education as a lot of us up here near the heavens keep on eye on things "high".

SOLAR ECLIPSE THIS WEEKEND: The Moon is about to take a bite out of the sun. On Saturday, August 11th, there will be a partial solar eclipse visible from locations around the Arctic Circle and across much of Asia. During the 3+ hour event, as much as 73% of the solar disk will be covered. Selected cities in the eclipse zone include Moscow (2.1% coverage), Oslo (4.8%), Raykjavik (20%), Tromso (29%), and Seoul (35%).

A PERSEID IN THE PLEIADES: The Perseid meteor shower is intensifying as Earth moves deeper into the debris stream of giant comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle. Observers with the International Meteor Organization are reporting 20 to 30 meteors per hour from dark sky sites. "Last night, I saw a lucky Perseid strike right through the heart of the Pleiades," says Pierre Girard of Milton Keynes, UK.

The rainbow-colored meteor was about 3rd magnitude--that is, similar in brightness to the stars of the Seven Sisters. Some Perseids are much brighter than that. On Aug. 9th, NASA's network of all-sky meteor cameras recorded 15 Perseid fireballs over the USA. Fireballs are meteors more luminous than Venus that can even cast shadows on a very dark night.

The Perseid meteor shower is expected to peak this weekend with 100 or more meteors per hour. The best time to look is during the dark hours before sunrise on Sunday, August 12th, and again on Monday, August 13th. At those times, the shower's radiant will be high in the sky, spewing meteors in all directions

BAIT: Crawlers, and mice-tails are tops for the week with salmon eggs a close third. Fishing has been good but catching even better if you are willing to take advice. Bubblegum mice tails, orange with red head, garlic powerbait, salmon peach, salmon eggs and pinched crawlers which we have and have been hard to get up here.

LURES: Small gold Kastmaster, Buoyant's red/gold have started to work again, and Hot Shot's if you can find 'em. Also try all your hardware until you find the action they are looking for. Remember to use your lures properly by adding the right swivel for the best action.

FLY AND BUBBLE:  Still a lot of action early and late when there's a ripple on the water; another Caddis hatch is going on and producing some nice fish. Also, try the tent-wing caddis #16 , small black gnats and mosquitoes. Try some emergers, Rickard's stillwater nymph, Zug Bugs, and mosquitoes, Adams parachute all size 16 or smaller (small and dark). Best action is when their is a chop on the water which is usually late afternoon to legal limit at night. Hatches were going off yesterday with tons of gnats, mosquitoes and small whitish moths, so go from that.

FLY RODS: Similar to last week; Olive Twin Lakes Special (dirty doc), black woolly buggers, Rickard's AP nymph in olive, zebra midge, prince nymph, red throat olive Matuka's, hare's ear, but don't forget to float some small midges or a Sierra Caddis by the outlet and south shore near the hole, tons of midges around all three lakes have inlets and outlets so don't just focus on one lake. Trophy's are still being caught, but not with the consistency in prior weeks. Things should change up soon.

BACKCOUNTRY: Reports are good especially at Summit Lake as did Frogs on small dry flies. If you want to keep fish try worms or lures, otherwise try and be protective of this wonderful resource. Please use lures or flies. Once they are gone, the waters might go to frogs.

 NOTE: If the trout bleeds don’t throw it back into the lake, it will die. If you care about the resource please be careful when releasing fish back into the water, and IT ATTRACKS BEARS.


Trophy Trout for the week
 (Little Virginia/LV, Big Virginia/BV, Trumbull/T)

Bob Miller of Denair 4lb5 mice tail 8-6 LV*
Tim Sharpe of Indio crawler 4lb5 8-6 LV*
Monica Wakefield of Monrovia 5lb2 crawler 8-6 LV*
Sierra Klase of Kernville 4lb9 on crawler 8-6 Big V *
Donna Anderson of Woodland Hills 4lb2 on a damsel fly 8-10 LV*
Chuck Komrosky of Corona 5lb15 on a fly 8-10 LV*
Justin Nakagiri of Venice 4lb13 crawler 8-10 LV*
Richard Perez of San Gabriel 5ll6 garlic powerbait 8-11 LV*


Richard Perez
Richard Perez of San Gabriel 5ll6 garlic powerbait 8-11 LV

Bob Miller
Bob Miller of Denair 4lb5 mice tail 8-6 LV

Chuck Komrosky
Chuck Komrosky of Corona 5lb15 on a fly 8-10 LV

Donna Anderson
na Anderson of Woodland Hills 4lb2 on a damsel fly 8-10 LV

Justin Nakagiri
Justin Nakagiri of Venice 4lb13 crawler 8-10 LV

Monica Wakefield
Monica Wakefield of Monrovia 5lb2 crawler 8-6 LV

Sierra Klase
Sierra Klase of Kernville 4lb9 on crawler 8-6 Big V

Tim Sharpe
Tim Sharpe of Indio crawler 4lb5 8-6 LV

Dakota Dougherty
Dakota Dougherty San Diego, 7lb6 pink powerbait 7-30 Trumbull

Zac Everhart
Zac Everhardt tag 626 Riverside 3lb6, 4lb4 eggs 7-30 LV

Robert White
Robert White Chino 4lb7 on a Rooster tail 8-4 LV

Brooklynn Dashazer
Brooklynn Deshazer age 8 of Cypress 6lb6 pink powerbait 8-1 LV

Greg Ferrero
Greg Ferrero Redlands 4lb9 Lure 7 29 LV

Greg Kessler

Joshua Argaki
Joshua Aragaki age 5 West Covina 4lb9 orange powerworm 8-3 LV

Michael Cotton
Michael Cotton Nevada City 3lb6 salmon eggs 8-3-LV

Monica Wakefield
Monica Wakefield of Monrovia 4lb2 yellow mousetail 8-3 BV

Riley Cotton
Riley Cotton Nevada City 3lb3 powerbait 7-29 LV

Randy Garrett
Randy Garrett Bakersfield 10lb10oz garlic worm tag 455 7-25 BV

Edward Carter
Edward Carter of Union City 4lb4 on powerbait 7-25 BV

Bob Shultz
Bob Schultz of Santa Paula 5lb8 on a mice tail 7-23 BV

Bob Stephenson
Bob Stephenson of Lake Arrowhead 3lb3 on worms 7-25 LV*

Brendan Gomez
Brendan Gomez Alhambra 5lb7 worm 7-26LV

Cayleigh Waddell
Cayleigh Waddell of Highland Ranch CO 4lb10 yellow powerbait 7-22

Craig Borland
Craig Borland of LA, 4lb11 on a worm 7-23 BV*

Craig Borland
Craig Borland Encino 5lb6 worms 7-25 BV

Craig Shimizu
Craig Shimizu of Monterey Park on powerbait 7-23 LV*

Dylan Waddell
Dylan Waddell of Highland Ranch CO 5lb9 lure 7-26-18

Gregory Keyes
Gregory Reyes of Anaheim 4lb11 rainbow powerbait 7-25 LV

Jeanette Morris
Jeanette Morris of Atascadero 5lb10 on a mice tail 7-23 BV*

Jerry Giacalone
Jerry Giacalone of Thousand Oaks 3lb14 power worm 7-28 LV*

Jim Salazar
Jim Salazar of LA 4lb14, 3lb15 Hook Up Baits 7-24 Trumbull Tags 610 597

Kai Ishisaka
Kai Ishisaka of Monterey Park 5lb7 jig 7-28 LV

Lee Morgan
Lee Morgan Aguanga 4lb12 powerbait 7-25 BV

Norman Harold
Norman Harrold Rancho Cucamonga 5#7 mice tail LV

Paul Giacalone
Paul Giacalone Thousand Oaks tag #605 5lb1 mice tail 7-26, Trumbull Lake

Riley Cotten
Riley Cotton Nevada City 3lb3 Rainbow powerbait 7-29 LV

Rochelle Yung
Rochelle Yung of Upland 4lb5 on salmon peach powerbait 7-23 LV

Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones Bakersfield, 3lb10 powerbait 7-22 LV*

Taylor Jervis
Taylor Jervis of Poway 5lb12 Sierra Slammer grasshopper 7-22 LV

Wayne Cook
Wayne Cook of Temecula 4lb2 powerbait 7-26 LV

Tamara Neufeld
Tamara Neufeld of Yerington NV 9lb2 on powerbait 7-21 LV

Daniel Trujillo
Daniel Trujilio of Moreno Valley 4lb12 on Lemon Twist 7-21 LV

Don Gay
Don Gay of Arleta 4lb7 on a mice tail 7-15 LV

Don Pierce
Don Pierce of Granada Hills 6lb8, 3lb9 on mice tails 7-15 LV

Dylan Plutner
Dylan Plutner of San jacinto 3lb6 on a Buoyant  7-21 LV*

Gary Been
Gary Been of Bakersfield 3lb4 green powerbait 7-20 BV

Lee Morgan
Lee Morgan 139 Camp Host, 6lb2 on garlic powerbait7-16 BV

Ryan Russell
Ryan russell of La mesa 3lb8 on a buoyant 7-21 LV

Alex Varelas
Alex Varelas Hunt Bch 8lb3, 4lb4, 5lb2 powerbait 7 9 LV

Roman Rameriz
Roman Ramirez age 11 Colton 4lb7 on a worm 7 9 LV

Richard Perez
Richard Perez of San Gabriel, 5lb2, 4lb6 7-12 garlic rainbow glitter powerbait BV

Pail Cauchi
Paul Cauchi of Los Gatos 8lb5 on a crawler 7-11 LV

Michael Brown
Michael Brown quartz Hill 4lb4 mice tail 7 9 LV

Jerry Isono
Jerry Isono of Culver City 4lb on salmon eggs 7-11 LV

Richard Perez
Richard Perez of San Gabriel 4lb9, 4lb7 7-11 garlic rainbow glitter powerbait BV

James Frelke
James Frelke Lemon Grove 5lb8 7-12 BV

Giovani Garcia
Giovani Garcia of LA 4lb7 garlic powerbait 7.10 LV*

Gary Bush
Gary Bush of Roseville 2lb9 on crawlers 7.9 LV

James Frelke
James Frelke of Lemon Grove 3lb5 on a lure 7-14 BV

Crystal Addis
Crystal Addis of Tacoma WA 5lb2 mice tail 7 8 BV

Catherine Frelke
Catherine Frelke of Lemon Grove 5lb4 on a mice tail 7-13 BV

Ava Bartle
Ava Bartle of Ventura 5lb7 powerbait 7-11 LV

Alex Varelas
Alex Varelas Huntington Bch 5lb2 powerbait 7-9 BV

Catharine Frelke
Catharine Frelke of Lemon Grove 4lb7 7.10 BV

Alex Varelas
Alex Varelas Huntington Bch 4lb4 powerbait 7-9 BV

Carlos Lemus
Carlos Lemus of San Jacinto 6lb8 on a mice tail, 7.6 LV

Rick & Mike Drake
Rick & Mike Drake Pasadena 24 & 20 inch Rainbows on black wooly buggers July 3 LV

Samantha Alvarado
Samantha Alvarado of Tracy 4lb7, 6lb8 on crawlers 7.6. LV

Ralph Coronado
Ralph Coronado of Huntington Bch 5lb2 on yellow glitter garlic powerbait, 7.5 LV

Owen Start
Owen Start of La Habra 5lb8 on a woolly bugger 7.6 LV

Noah Streenstra
Owen Start age 11 of La Habra 5lb8 on a woolly bugger 7.6 LV

Lee Morgan
Lee Morgan Aguanga 4lb2 garlic powerbait July 4 Big V

Lee Morgan
Lee Morgan Aguanga 3lb6 powerbait 7.7 BV

Kai Ishisaka
Kai Ishisaka of Monterey Park 3lb6 on a jig LV

John Conette
John Chonette of Tacoma WA 5lb4, 6#4 mice tail 7 7 Big V


Jesse Reynolds
Jesse Reynolds of LA, 5lb2 on yellow garlic powerbait 7.4.18 LV

Jesse Newton
Jesse Newton of Park Az, 4lb4 on powerbait 7.4.18 LV

Jess Rameriz
Ramirez of Corona 4lb7 purple powerbait 7.7 LV

Jason Yang
Jason Yang Upland 4lb2, Jeanie Yi LV 4lb3, Brian Wong Hac Hgts 3lb6 powerbait July 3 LV

James Frelke
James Frelke of Lemon Grove, 4lb6, 2#10 on a lure 7.4.18 Big V

Heidi and Harrison Higaki
Heidi and Harrison Higaki San Mateo 3lb1, 4lb3, 4lb6 Mice tail July 4 LV

Ginny Schmidt
Ginny Schmidt of Auburn 4lb4 on a Buoyant July 2 BG

Gary Kadomatsu
Gary Kadomatsu of Tustin 4lb5 on a fly July 3 LV

Dustin Holyoak
Dustin Holyoak of Hemet, 4lb9 on a mice tail 7.7 LV

Drew Preasmeyer
Drew Preasmeyer of Apple Valley 6lb2 on a Kastmaster July 1, BV

Dave West
Dave West of Minden NV 4lb1 on a worm July 2 LV

Dale Arnold
Dale Arnold Carson City NV 3lb5 powerbait July 7 BV

Cory Contreras
Cory Contreras of Huntington Bch 4lb6 on yellow glitter garlic powerbait, 7.5 LV

Chad Anema

Catharine Felke
Catherine Frelke of Lemon Grove 4lb2 on a lure 7.4.18 Big V

Brandon Fantasia
Brandon Fantasia of Poway, 5lb10 on powerbait 7.7 BV

Anny Kadomatsu
Anny Kadomatsu Poway 2lb9, 3lb7 2lb6, 3lb7 mice tail July 6 LV

Amore Devore
Amore Devore age 5 Coachella 3lb9 crawlers 7.7 Big V

Betty Stezl
Betty Stezl of Paso Robles, 4lb6 on worms  June 28, LV

Jacob Rarendt
Jacob Barendt of Phoenix AZ, 3lb6 on powerbait (orange) June 28, LV

Joe Larsen
Joe Larsen of Oakhurst 3.9 on a worm June 29, LV

Ted Herrera
Ted Herrera of Orange, 3lb13 pinched crawlers June 24, LV

Russ Hefte
Russ Hefte Whittier 5.8 Big Virginia Rooster Taill 6 18 jpg.

Jeffery Vaneyi
Jeffery Vaneyi Irvine 5lb9 worm 23rd Big V

James Dillow
James Dillow age 2, of Apple Valley, 2lb9 on a marshmallow/egg June 20 LV

Ellen Yano
Ellen Yano of Castro Valley 4lb3 on a fly June 18, LV

Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez of Corona, 6lb2 on a jig June 18, LV

Andrew & Jessalyn Anderson of Bakersfield 4lb4, 2lb3, 2lb7, 2lb8
on Mice tails and gulf power worms June 17, LV

Ethan Paggi
Ethan Paggi of Three Rivers 4lb5oz and 3lb on a lure, June 15 LV

David Martinez
David Martinez of San Jose, 3.6oz Rainbow on a lure, June 16 LV

Coby Tran
Coby Tran age 8 of San Pedro 3lb4oz on a nightcrawler, June 16 LV*

Ben Hoeft
Ben Hoeft of Antelope Valley, 10lb3oz Rainbow on a lure, June 16 LV

Codey Brown
Codey Brown age 9 from Fontana, 1 1/4 lb male Brook trout LV 6-5-18


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